About us

Mission and Purpose

The Equest Events NZ web site is intended to serve as a compilation of NZ Equestrian Events, courses and other equestrian related activities and services and to provide a means of communication between the NZ Equestrian community and the public.  The design, layout, and contents of the Equest Events NZ web site is the responsibility of Equest Events NZ's webmasters.

Our vision is to provide the best information service to equestrian competitors in NZ as we can with the resources at our command.  We do not have any other purpose.

We started the Equest Events web site back in 2005 because the original founder had become annoyed at having to look all over the NZ web for details of events for their family and so had originally collected together numerous links and put them together into a coherent list of upcoming events.  The original information was shown to a few friends and they all asked for access to it and so we decided to make it public so that everyone who was interested could benefit.

Over the years our enthusiasm has waxed and waned as the volunteers involved passed through life events where they were busy with other things at times and not so busy at other times.  Our reach grew at one stage to encompass almost all of NZ and almost all areas of equestrian sport and then back to being mostly focused around the Auckland area and selected events outside of that.  At the moment our reach is somewhat restricted but interestingly, we seem to be just as popular as we ever were and perhaps even a little more so.

If an organisation with similar goals to ours got going and became more successful than us then we would conclude that we had met our goal by expending our past efforts to demonstrate that this service is needed and is popular and so we would happily fold our tents and head off to do something else useful.  On the other hand if another organisation with similar goals comes into being and wants to work alongside us to increase the availability of equestrian event information then we would happily attempt to work with that organisation.